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USTDA contracts with U.S. companies to evaluate and advise the agency on the funding proposals it receives. USTDA also contracts with numerous other U.S. firms for required products and services.

Contracts for larger dollar amounts are published on SAM.gov. The point of contact for submitting a proposal in response to a solicitation will appear in the SAM.gov announcement.

Contracting opportunities of less than $25,000 are also available.

USTDA's Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization is responsible promoting the use of small; small socially and economically disadvantaged; and women-owned small businesses for direct contract awards as described in the Federal Acquisition Regulations. For more information, USTDA's Office of Acquisitions and Management can be reached at USTDA_AQM@ustda.gov.

** When the Government closes for planned or unplanned holidays or events, all proposals due on that closing date automatically become due on the next official business day that the Government opens.