Sole-Source Proposals

When an overseas project sponsor joins with a U.S. firm as a partner or preferred supplier, USTDA can provide a “sole-source” grant so the project sponsor can enter into a contract with the U.S. firm to perform the project preparation work. The U.S. firm needs to submit a detailed project proposal to USTDA and typically share the cost of the work and participate in a success fee program. 

USTDA’s Document Center contains the required forms and guidelines.

Competed Proposals

For overseas project sponsors that don’t have a U.S. firm as a partner or preferred supplier, USTDA will facilitate a competitive process in which U.S. firms submit proposals directly to you. USTDA can also offer assistance that helps overseas project sponsors define infrastructure priorities, so that they can become eligible for USTDA funding consideration. As a USTDA grantee, you are required to select a U.S. firm to perform your project preparation work; however, there is no further obligation to procure U.S. goods or services once a USTDA activity is complete.

Inquiries and project descriptions should be sent via e-mail to the USTDA regional staff managing Agency-funded activities in the country where the project is located:

USTDA Document Center

Agreement Templates

Key documents for USTDA grant-funded activities.


Guidelines on templates and drafting proposals for USTDA grant-funded activities.

Due Diligence Forms

Required due diligence forms for U.S. firms and overseas project sponsors.