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    “The human and economic toll of the Coronavirus is a stark reminder of the adversities we will always face in our work to create a better world. In that spirit, USTDA is more committed than ever to funding new resilient infrastructure that will help our overseas partners sustain their emerging economies and provide critical public services when they are needed most.”
Todd Abrajano
USTDA’s COO and Head of Agency
  USTDA’s Global Infrastructure Resilience Initiative is specially designed to leverage U.S. infrastructure solutions in the agribusiness, healthcare, energy, ICT and transportation sectors. Specifically, it allows emerging markets to maintain continuity of operations during disruptions caused by global health pandemics, natural disasters, security incidents and other events that intensely impact economic activity and civic life. The Initiative plans and supports a range of quality projects that prioritize resiliency into their design and implementation:
■ Backup telecommunications and information management infrastructure
■ Supply chains ensuring distribution of food and medical supplies
■ Technology to provide remote healthcare services during pandemics
■ Comprehensive data and predictive analytics to enhance emergency response
■ Power delivery through redundant grid infrastructure, distributed generation and microgrids for critical infrastructure, including ports and airports
■ Intelligent traffic management systems allowing real-time response
■ Water management and distribution to mitigate drought

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