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USTDA 2020 Annual Report Photography
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All photos: Shutterstock .com
Photo of Ho Chi Minh City, ©Hien Phung/Adobe Stock
(Top left) Smart city concept,;
(Top center) Photo courtesy of Koeppen, Elliott & Associates, Ltd.;
(Top right) Grain silo,;
(Second row) USTDA photo;
(Bottom right) ©Kalyakan/Adobe Stock
Photo of Ceará, Brazil, ©Sidney de Almeida/Adobe Stock
Photo courtesy of Earth Networks
Photo of Lagos, Nigeria ©Joerg Boethling/Alamy Stock Photo
Photo composite images from Shutterstock .com
Photo of Alaşehir Geothermal Power Plant, courtesy of Zorlu Energy Group
Photo of Cape Town, South Africa,
Water collection in Cape Town, South Africa,
Solar panels in Brazil, ©Michel Luiz de Freitas/
Jamaica street lights, ©Debbie Ann Powell/
Train in Nogales, Arizona, ©Norma Jean Gargasz/Alamy Stock Photo
Train tracks,
Photo courtesy of e‐Tech Simulation
Workers in an American factory, ©Don Mason/Alamy Stock Photo
Photo courtesy of Weldy Lamont Associates
Photo of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, ©Wysiati/Getty Images
Photo of ICT tower in the Philippines, ©Tatiana Nurieva/iStockPhoto
(Top left) Photo of wind farm courtesy of Lekela Energie Stockage;
(Center right) Electricity meter, ©jwphotoworks/Adobe Stock;
(Bottom left) Petra Nova carbon capture plant, photo courtesy of U.S. Department of Energy;
(Bottom center) Coalbed methane photo courtesy of Kalahari Energy; (Bottom right) Network cables,

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