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Transforming 5G Readiness in the Philippines
PLDT is the largest provider of mobile cellular, wireless broadband and mobile finance services in the Philippines — serving more than 65 million customers. Soon after its 2017 announcement to deploy 5G wireless technology, PLDT narrowed down the field of potential technology partners
and faced a critical decision: whether to integrate Cisco technology into a network reliant on foreign government‐supported suppliers predominantly from China.
 Cisco offered superior technology but sought USTDA’s assistance to help level the playing field and promote fair competition. USTDA responded by offering PLDT a training program — conditioned on the selection of Cisco — that would boost the capacity of the company’s technical and managerial staff to implement the project.
PLDT subsequently selected Cisco as one of its key 5G partners, supplying software, routers, switches, optical equipment and other applications. USTDA’s swift engagement not only helped ensure American content in a project that will ultimately support thousands of U.S. jobs, it will also help PLDT strengthen a workforce that is committed to providing a robust and advanced 5G‐enabled network that will serve the Filipino people for many years to come.
PLDT Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Manuel V. Pangilinan says, “This investment will equip our people with the skills and knowledge needed to transform PLDT as an organization as we march toward the 5G-powered future. The future of this company depends a lot on how we transform, not only our network, but also our people.”
USTDA is committed to supporting the development of quality 5G infrastructure and broadband capabilities in the Philippines. The Agency’s support for this training program has ultimately built stronger ties between the U.S. and Philippine ICT sectors.
“This landmark grant agreement between PLDT and USTDA will enable us to fully utilize the cutting-edge technologies that Cisco will deploy to transform our fiber transmission network into a 5G-ready infrastructure. This will definitely benefit the Philippines to adopt and deploy technologies in the next wave of digital innovation.”
Manuel V. Pangilinan
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, PLDT

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