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Deploying New Geothermal Power in Turkey
Following a decade of bringing new power plants online to meet its growing demands for electricity, Turkey now has the fourth‐largest geothermal power capacity in the world. Throughout these significant infrastructure developments, USTDA has served as a trusted partner with a clear record of
accomplishment delivering sought‐after American geothermal solutions.
 USTDA’s latest success is a partnership with the Turkish independent power producer Zorlu Enerji. This cooperation led directly to the development of the Alaşehir Geothermal Power Plant in the city of Manisa, which is located in Turkey’s western Aegean region. Utilizing USTDA funding for a new feasibility study, Zorlu obtained the technical, economic and financial evaluations necessary to secure project financing to connect the plant to the national grid. Alaşehir now generates 45 megawatts of clean power for nearly 170,000 homes.
Built with technology from 12 U.S. companies representing seven states, the Alaşehir Geothermal Power Plant replicates a strategy USTDA adopted in Turkey’s geothermal sector when the Agency financed a similar study that led to the completion of the Germencik power plant in 2009. At that time, Germencik was Turkey’s largest geothermal power plant, with a capacity of 47.4 megawatts using technology sourced from 17 U.S. companies across 10 states.
USTDA’s work in Turkey’s geothermal power sector is making a generational impact. By harnessing innovative U.S. solutions, the Alaşehir and Germencik projects continue to expand renewable energy capacity in Turkey and represent a solid example of how the Agency can develop and deliver a long-lasting partnership.
“The Alaşehir feasibility study, funded by USTDA, provided an innovative and cost-effective solution. The unique design and efficient technology supported Zorlu’s vast experience to develop the Alaşehir Geothermal Power Plant, which received an ‘Engineering Excellence’ award from the American Council of Engineering Companies of Idaho.”
Ali Kindap
General Manager, Investments, Operations and Maintenance, Zorlu Energy Group

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