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Emerging markets provide significant growth opportunities for U.S. technology providers who can help connect more of the world’s population to the Internet.  USTDA plays an important role in connecting U.S. companies to these opportunities by focusing on telecommunications projects that promote U.S. solutions for priority connectivity, cybersecurity, data analytics and smart city infrastructure.  


USTDA supports priority telecommunications projects that improve connectivity for citizens in emerging markets and create export opportunities for U.S. firms. The Agency’s connectivity-related activities typically include the development of fiber optic cable, Wi-Fi, satellite infrastructure, data centers and cloud computing, as well as the Internet of Things, which includes the identification of software, hardware, and services that are critical to an effective telecommunications infrastructure.


USTDA helps U.S. companies deploy cybersecurity solutions to overseas project sponsors that are looking for protection against cyberattacks on their critical infrastructure, including their government institutions and their financial, power, transportation, and water sectors. USTDA works closely with the U.S. private sector to expand the use of their world-leading cybersecurity solutions in priority emerging market infrastructure projects.


USTDA helps emerging markets to invest in U.S. smart solutions and services that enhance the efficiency of public services and improve the quality of life for their citizens.  As smart city projects require short, medium and long-term planning, USTDA’s program tools are uniquely suited to help our overseas project sponsors invest in reliable services and sustainable technologies, where U.S. companies are global leaders.  Smart city activities include engineering and technology management for power and water utilities; signaling and bus rapid transit systems; healthcare and social services; emergency communications disaster response systems; and platforms for e-government and e-citizen services.