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Energy is USTDA’s largest sector of investment, comprising of three subsectors: traditional energy and power generation; electricity transmission and distribution; and renewable energy generation. The Agency’s energy sector activities create partnerships between U.S. companies and foreign project sponsors, which support U.S. jobs while increasing the world’s supply of clean energy and access to cleaner and more efficient fossil fuels. Fostering diverse projects in areas such as smart grid development, gas-fired power, refinery modernizations, coal-fired power, solar and energy storage, USTDA helps countries optimize their use of existing energy resources and make their energy markets more efficient and competitive. Using the full range of tools available to the Agency, USTDA pursues projects in these three key subsectors, creating opportunities for U.S. suppliers of cutting-edge equipment, technologies and services.

USTDA funds electricity transmission and distribution activities that bring significant improvements to the quality, stability and efficiency of electricity grids in emerging markets.  Working with U.S. industry leaders, USTDA helps emerging market utilities, transmission companies and regulators gain access to a wide range of U.S. solutions related to smart meters, automated control systems, utility information technology systems, smart grid communications, meter data management software, cybersecurity, demand-side management, and distributed energy resources, for example.