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    USTDA awarded a feasibility study grant to Société de Production d’Energie Solaria de Kodéni SAS for two 17 megawatt solar photovoltaic plants in Burkina Faso. This project presents a U.S. export potential of $27M in PV cells, modules, inverters, racks and engineering services.


    USTDA’s investments support all aspects of energy development and deployment, from new power generation to grid modernization that can increase efficiency and improve access.



    USTDA partnered with the City of Cape Town to develop a digital inclusion strategy. Using equipment and technology from 6 U.S. companies, Cape Town has extended its fiber optic backbone to the townships outside the city, providing over 60 individual building connections and over 1,500 free Wi-Fi hotspots. 


For nearly 30 years, USTDA has connected African project sponsors and U.S. companies, bringing innovative private sector solutions to development challenges. USTDA has supported more than 560 activities across the region that generate new U.S. exports while responding to the region’s need for quality infrastructure.

USTDA is expanding its impact and engagement across the region through two U.S. government-wide initiatives – Prosper Africa and Power Africa – which support the Administration’s Sub-Saharan Africa Strategy. These initiatives align with USTDA’s mission and present an opportunity to generate new U.S. exports while responding to the region’s need for quality infrastructure solutions. In addition to supporting U.S. government-wide initiatives, USTDA launched Access Africa, an initiative to support the development of quality information & communication technology infrastructure services across Sub-Saharan Africa.

Prosper Africa

Prosper Africa is a U.S. government economic initiative to substantially increase two-way trade and investment between the U.S. and Africa. This whole-of-government approach unlocks opportunities to do business in Africa, which benefits companies, investors, and workers in both the U.S. and Africa. USTDA advances Prosper Africa through its complete toolset of project preparation and export promotion activities, as well as the Agency’s signature Global Procurement Initiative.

Power Africa

Power Africa is a U.S. government-led initiative that addresses one of the most pressing challenges to sustainable economic growth and development in Sub-Saharan Africa: access to electrical power. Power Africa provides coordinated support from the U.S. public and private sectors to add cleaner, more efficient electricity generation capacity, which benefits residents and businesses across the continent.

In support of Power Africa, USTDA provides critical early‐stage planning to spur new power generation, and transmission and distribution infrastructure. These activities support a range of energy development and deployment from power generation to grid modernization, which increase efficiency and improve access.

Access Africa

Access Africa is a partnership between USTDA and U.S. industry leaders in support of developing quality information and communication technology infrastructure across Africa. Working with public and private sectors across the continent, Access Africa brings together critical stakeholders and designs targeted programming to advance inclusive, secure, and sustainable connectivity.

USTDA’s Access Africa partners directly contribute to the Agency’s programming and have enhanced exposure to key ICT stakeholders in the region:

  • Partners host or meet with reverse trade mission delegations to showcase their technologies and equipment, participate in business briefings, or participate in a partner roundtable with the delegation.
  • Partners are invited to advise on content and participate in relevant USTDA workshops and conferences related to ICT. Partners can support Access Africa workshops and conferences by providing training or other relevant programming.
  • Partners are encouraged to submit project proposals to USTDA for funding consideration.

To learn more about becoming an Access Africa partner, email AccessAfrica@ustda.gov.