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Project Sponsors: Achieving Goals

USTDA advances the infrastructure goals of developing and middle-income countries. The Agency awards grant funds to overseas project sponsors for project preparation activities, including feasibility studies and technical assistance providing the comprehensive analysis infrastructure projects need to move from concept to financing and implementation. USTDA also funds pilot projects that test U.S. equipment and technology in overseas settings to promote cutting-edge U.S. solutions and identify opportunities for scalability and replicability. USTDA responds to the priorities that overseas project sponsors establish for themselves. If necessary, USTDA can provide assistance to help project sponsors define their priorities.

USTDA's targeted brand of assistance provides overseas project sponsors with access to U.S. private sector expertise. Our recipients are required to select U.S. firms to perform USTDA-funded activities, however, there is no further obligation to procure U.S. goods or services once a USTDA activity is complete.

Overseas project sponsors are strongly encouraged to contact the appropriate USTDA regional team to discuss specific project concepts for potential USTDA grant funding. Inquiries and project descriptions should be sent via e-mail to the USTDA regional staff that is responsible for managing Agency-funded activities in the country where the project is located, as follows: