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The below list of Key Grant Documents aid U.S. Contractors with the information needed to assist USTDA Grantees with Agency-supported development and infrastructure projects.  

Nationality Requirements

The purpose of USTDA’s nationality, source and origin requirements is to ensure the maximum practicable participation of American contractors, technology, equipment and materials in the prefeasibility, feasibility and implementation stages of a project.

Model Grant Agreement

This document is a model template of a grant agreement between USTDA and a Grantee.

Model Secondary Agreement

This document is a model contract designed o facilitate the drafting of a contract between the Grantee and the U. S. Contractor with respect to the performance of a USTDA-funded feasibility study.  It is important to note that USTDA is not a party to the Contract.

Secondary Grant Agreement Guidelines

After a USTDA grant agreement is signed and the selected contractor has cleared USTDA’s due diligence review, the next step is for the grantee and contractor to negotiate a contract, also referred to as a secondary agreement. These guidelines are intended to provide grantees and contractors with drafting pointers in order to prevent common problems at the USTDA contract review stage.

Model Success Fee/Cost Share Agreement

This document is a model template of the USTSA Success Fee and Cost Share Agreement and should be used as reference only.