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Vietnam Goes Green

Today, Bac Lieu residents have access to reliable electricity most days a week. As a result of investments by the Cong Ly Construction-Trade-Tourism Company, the region is now powered by Vietnam’s first near-offshore wind farm. Cong Ly Company is not stopping at just 16 MW of new clean energy — they plan to expand the wind farm to nearly 400 MW.

Increasing the wind farm’s capacity to that extent requires Cong Ly to team up with leading energy industry experts. That is exactly what happened after a USTDA-sponsored reverse trade mission to the United States. Cong Ly reported that participating in the program, which included meetings with wind turbine suppliers and engineering design firms, provided them the “chance to observe the great technology applied in the U.S.” They also noted the flexibility of U.S. industry and its willingness to work with them to address their needs and to meet their timelines.

As a direct result of this visit, Cong Ly updated their plans for the subsequent phases of the project and purchased 52 wind turbines manufactured in Florida and financed by the Export-Import Bank of the United States and Vietnam Development Bank. According to Cong Ly, they chose to do so because U.S. firms build products to the highest international standards and have a history of manufacturing quality, durable equipment.

Today, USTDA and Cong Ly are working together to develop a third phase of the Bac Lieu wind farm. When complete, this innovative collaboration will bring up to 400 MW of wind energy to the national grid, helping Vietnam reach one-fifth of its goal of producing 2,000 MW of new renewable energy by 2020. Not only is the company proud of this work, so are the local government and residents. According to Cong Ly, “The future of the next generation is based on the results of our work today. Clean energy is the future — it is the trend in developing countries and it is the key to Vietnam’s ability to stay in the game.” 

Cong Ly Company's growth and the Bac Lieu wind farm demonstrate how private sector-led innovation — and partnership with U.S. experts — can deploy renewable solutions and reduce emissions in fast-growing economies. 

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