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Based on the results of a USTDA-funded investment analysis, the largest privately owned geothermal facility in Turkey became operational in May 2009. The 47.5 megawatt plant was built in the Aydin-Germencik geothermal field by the Gurmat Energy Investment and Trade Company, a private Turkish company.

During the construction of the energy facility, over $23 million in U.S. exports of goods and services from eight states were utilized, creating high paying export-related jobs in the United States. This amount includes the export of goods and services from Power Engineers (Hailey, ID) and $4.86 million in engineering and consulting service exports that were financed by the Export-Import Bank of the United States.

According to Henry Veizades of Veizades & Associates, which has provided design work and engineering services associated with the geothermal project, "USTDA's sponsorship was critical and enabled the project to mature quickly." The Agency's role in moving the project forward was confirmed by Gurmat's General Manager Ali Karaduman, who stated that the USTDA-funded study provided the detailed project assessment that was critical to project definition and financing.

Since coming online, Germencik is providing Turkey with an important renewable energy source to further the country's economic growth. Importantly, up to 250 local jobs were associated with the construction and erection works and 37 jobs were generated to operate the plant. Moreover, the project has provided additional job opportunities for local Turkish people involved in improving the infrastructure surrounding the Germencik field.