Asia EDGE (Enhancing Development Growth through Energy)

Asia EDGE is a whole-of-government initiative that is strengthening energy security and promoting energy access across the Indo-Pacific. This initiative is growing foreign energy markets and boosting U.S. energy exports by expanding public-private partnerships, fostering business-to-business connections, and helping partner governments set market-based energy policies. Asia EDGE is also catalyzing private capital by partnering with firms and international financial institutions on pooled finance, insurance and risk mitigation, commercial advocacy, and project development.

USTDA’s mission and experience place it at the forefront of project preparation and design for the Indo-Pacific region’s energy sector development, with a focus on smart grid development, gas-fired power, refinery modernizations, coal-fired power, solar, and energy storage. The Agency’s portfolio drives the implementation of quality energy infrastructure projects that will expand economic growth and promote U.S. solutions.

USTDA’s energy sector activities create partnerships between U.S. companies and project sponsors in the Indo-Pacific, supporting U.S. jobs while increasing the region’s supply of clean energy and access to cleaner and more efficient fossil fuels.