President Biden launches USTDA’s Global Partnership for Climate-Smart Infrastructure at the 2021 Leaders’ Summit on Climate

Infrastructure investments last for decades, so it is critically important to plan and build low and zero-carbon energy and transportation projects today that promote long-term decarbonization and resilience to climate change impacts. To this end, in April 2021 President Joe Biden announced the launch of USTDA’s Global Partnership for Climate-Smart Infrastructure to connect U.S. industry to major clean energy and transportation infrastructure projects in emerging economies.

Within the initiative’s first year, USTDA funded more than $30 million in activities to help our partners achieve their energy and transportation sector climate goals. This included more than two dozen project preparation and partnership-building activities that were designed to help unlock more than $50 billion in climate finance and support more than $12 billion in U.S. exports.

The Global Partnership for Climate-Smart Infrastructure facilitates the deployment of American-made technologies and services to realize climate-smart infrastructure in emerging economies using USTDA’s project preparation and partnership-building toolkit. This includes feasibility studies, technical assistance, and pilot projects, as well as reverse trade missions, industry conferences and expert workshops to support the use of U.S. technologies and services in overseas climate-smart infrastructure projects.

USTDA’s Global Partnership for Climate-Smart Infrastructure advances high-quality clean energy infrastructure in emerging economies by facilitating the deployment of transformative U.S.-made technologies and services related to renewable power generation, energy storage, smart grids and minigrids, methane abatement, energy efficiency, advanced nuclear technology, and carbon capture, for example. In the transportation sector, the Partnership focuses on advancing intelligent transportation systems, surface transportation electrification, clean mass transit, sustainable aviation, low-carbon freight, port modernization, and other priorities.   

As President Biden has said about the Global Partnership for Climate-Smart Infrastructure, “This will create good-paying jobs here in America by supporting development of new, clean infrastructure in our partner countries. These are the sort of partnerships that are going to be good for all of us.”

USTDA partners with an array of private and public sector partners through the Global Partnership for Climate-Smart Infrastructure, including the American Clean Power Association, Intelligent Transportation Society of America, National Electrical Manufacturers Association, the Nuclear Energy Institute, Solar Energy Industries Association, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the United States Nuclear Industry Council, the U.S. Departments of Commerce, Energy and Transportation, and the Export-Import Bank of the United States.

Private Sector Partners

U.S. Government Partners