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Global Procurement Initiative Trainings in Vietnam

In August, the U.S. Trade and Development Agency (USTDA) will formalize its partnership with the Government of Vietnam under the Global Procurement Initiative (GPI) through initiating the first phase of the Procurement Assistance Program for Vietnam. The Agency will provide three separate training sessions for a total of 150 procurement officials from ministries and state-owned enterprises across the Government to educate them on how to use best-value determinations and life-cycle cost analysis in the procurement process. The training will be led by the George Washington University Law School's Government Procurement Law Program, alongside technical specialists in life-cycle cost analysis from jacobsendaniels associates and Vietnam's Public Procurement Agency (PPA). These trainings are designed to help the Government of Vietnam implement its newly revised procurement law, which includes a greater focus on best value determination and life-cycle cost analysis in tender evaluations.

For more information, please contact Lauren Ziegler, Manager for Global Programs, at lziegler@ustda.gov or at 703-875-4357.

Lauren Ziegler (lziegler@ustda.gov), Manager for Global Programs, USTDA or by phone at (703) 875-4357