U.S.-ASEAN 5G Vertical Applications Workshop

The ASEAN region is headed for massive 5G-led industry investment. USTDA will host a two-day workshop for ASEAN countries focused on standards development for applications across vertical industries including 5G and next-generation wireless networks.  The workshop will feature U.S. products and services, including wireless communication components, satellite technologies, virtual radio access networks, 5G/edge computing chipsets, network equipment, cloud infrastructure (servers, hardware), and licensed software (cloud computing, big data management).  Workshop dates: 2020 TBD. Target sectors may include intelligent transportation systems, industrial internet-of-things (IoT), health care, agriculture, energy utility industries, or other sectors where standards development is taking place for vertical applications on 5G networks. The workshop will increase understanding of the industry-driven standards development activities for the use cases and applications and will promote best practices for enabling innovation through openness to industry-driven standards. These include examples of limited  regulatory approach for 5G wireless applications in vertical industries; and recommended policies for enhancing growth of the 5G ecosystem and vertical applications in ASEAN markets.