USTDA’s Global Infrastructure Resilience Initiative will help emerging markets plan, finance, procure and sustain infrastructure to withstand a full range of external risks and challenges. The Initiative will draw directly from USTDA’s decades-long experience working with U.S. industry to deliver quality infrastructure around the world that helps emerging economies better manage financial downturns and lessen adverse impacts on economic growth. The Initiative will also help plan and support a range of quality projects, including ideas that prioritize resiliency into their design and implementation:

  • Backup telecommunications and information management infrastructure
  • Supply chains ensuring distribution of food and medical supplies
  • Technology to provide remote healthcare services during pandemics
  • Comprehensive data and predictive analytics to enhance emergency response
  • Power delivery through redundant grid infrastructure, distributed generation and microgrids for critical infrastructure, including ports and airports
  • Intelligent traffic management systems allowing real-time response
  • Water management and distribution to mitigate drought

Call for Initial Proposals

USTDA invites project sponsors in emerging markets or U.S. companies working with project sponsors in emerging markets to submit initial proposals to USTDA no later than October 9, 2020, at 5:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

USTDA’s mission involves promoting American exports. The Agency is committed to assist in the protection of project developers’ intellectual property, and any project proposals submitted to USTDA are protected from improper disclosure under U.S. law.  Please note that proposals submitted by different developers may contain ideas for similar projects, and USTDA reserves the right to select proposals for further consideration without regard to potential competition or conflict with other similar project proposals.

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Call for Initial Proposals
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Please note that USTDA staff may reach out to you in response to your submission of a concept. 

 Thank you.

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