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Goal of the Project

Tulu Moye Geothermal Operations Plc (“TMGO”), an Ethiopian incorporated energy company, is seeking Contractors qualified and interested in participating in a pre-qualification process for Tulu Moye’s Phase 1, a 50 MW net output geothermal power plant (“Tulu Moye” or the “Project”) located in the Eastern Rift Valley, Ethiopia.

TMGO is looking to develop a collaborative and partnership with qualified Contractors to help develop a long-term geothermal development program for Phase 1 initially, and up to 520 MW of generation for Phases 2-4.

The Contractor’s scope of work is to provide a turnkey, fully functional geothermal power plant and associated steam field gathering system. Optional, or add-on service offerings related to Operations & Maintenance will also be welcomed and considered, as would any added value the Contractor can bring to the Project through grant / soft finance, export credits or to share in development cost risks to Financial Close. Co-investment or equity investment is not being sought at this time.


The Tulu Moye Project is being developed, owned, and operated by TM Geothermal Operations Private Limited Company, an Ethiopian registered company  owned 100% by Tulu Moye SAS, which is owned by Meridiam Infrastructure Africa Fund, which is managed by Meridiam and Reykjavik Geothermal Limited.

In August 2018, USTDA awarded a grant to TMGO to coordinate a feasibility study supporting development of the Project. The study is being conducted by U.S. firm, Delphos International, Ltd., which has expertise in supporting power sector development and financing from its work across 35 countries. 

TMGO intends to construct up to a total of 520 MW under a Power Purchase Agreement (“PPA”) and an Implementation Agreement (“IA”) signed by TMGO and Ethiopian Electric Power (“EEP”) and the Ethiopian Government acting through the Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Electricity and the Ministry of Finance and Economic Cooperation.  The output from the geothermal projects will be sold to EEP under a long-term PPA.  This tender is for Phase 1 of a long-term geothermal development program.  TMGO intends to implement the project in Phases consisting of the following, scheduled to be completed within 7 years and 9 months after ratification of the IA:

  • Phase 1 – 50 MW
  • Phase 2 – 100 MW
  • Phase 3 – 100 MW
  • Phase 4 – 270 MW

Link for more information: https://tmgeothermal.sharepoint.com/:b:/s/TMGO/EVdbI6OKeVZFruL2ViJdz_IBAJMUQUu3mkvyvSRxThv8YA?e=RaflnC 

Proposal Deadline: Tuesday April 30, 2019

Points of Contact: