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Nationality, Source, and Origin Requirements

 [As of January 17, 2014]

The purpose of USTDA's nationality, source, and origin requirements is to ensure the maximum practicable participation of American contractors, technology, equipment and materials in the prefeasibility, feasibility, and implementation stages of a project. 

USTDA Standard Rule (Grant Agreement Standard Language): 

Except as USTDA may otherwise agree, the following provisions shall govern the delivery of goods and professional services funded by USTDA under the Grant Agreement:

(a) the Contractor must be a U.S. firm;

(b) the Contractor may use U.S. subcontractors without limitation;

(c) employees of U.S. Contractor or U.S. subcontractor firms shall be U.S. citizens,  non-U.S. citizens lawfully admitted for permanent residence in the United States or non-U.S. citizens lawfully admitted to work in the United States, except as provided pursuant to subpart (d) below; 

(d) up to twenty percent (20%) of the USTDA Grant amount may be used to pay for services performed by (i) Host Country subcontractors, and/or (ii) Host Country nationals who are employees of the Contractor; 

(e) a Host Country subcontractor may only be used for specific services from the Terms of Reference identified in the subcontract;

(f) subcontractors from countries other than the United States or Host Country may not be used;

(g) goods purchased for performance of the Study and associated delivery services (e.g., international transportation and insurance) must have their nationality, source and origin in the United States; and

(h) goods and services incidental to Study support (e.g., local lodging, food, and transportation) in Host Country are not subject to the above restrictions. 


1)  Application

A U.S. firm that submits a proposal must meet USTDA’s nationality requirements as of the date of submission of the proposal and, if selected, must continue to meet such requirements throughout the duration of the USTDA-funded activity.  These nationality provisions apply to all portions of the Terms of Reference that are funded with the USTDA grant. 

2)  Definitions

A "U.S. firm" is a privately owned firm that is incorporated in the U.S., with its principal place of business in the U.S., and which is either (a) more than 50% owned by U.S. citizens and/or non-U.S. citizens lawfully admitted for permanent residence in the United States, or (b) has been incorporated in the U.S. for more than three (3) years prior to the issuance date of the request for proposals; has performed similar services in the U.S. for that three (3) year period; employs U.S. citizens in more than half of its permanent full-time positions in the U.S.; and has the existing capability in the U.S. to perform the work in question.

A partnership that is organized in the U.S., has its principal place of business in the U.S., and is more than 50% owned by U.S. citizens and/or permanent residents, qualifies as a “U.S. firm”.

A nonprofit organization, such as an educational institution, foundation, or association, also qualifies as a “U.S. firm” if it is incorporated in the U.S. and managed by a governing body, a majority of whose members are U.S. citizens and/or permanent residents.

Source and Origin:


“Source” means the country from which shipment is made.

"Origin” means the place of production, through manufacturing, assembly or otherwise.


Questions regarding these nationality, source and origin requirements may be addressed to the USTDA Office of General Counsel.

Version 01.17.2014