• India: Technical Assistance: Provision 2 Body Scanner System Pilot Project
    Activity Number: 2015-51006A
    Activity Type: Technical Assistance Study
    Ms. Patricia Krall
    L-3 Communications Security & Detention Systems Inc.
    (727) 369-4353
    Sr. Director Business Development
    Approval Date: 05/18/2016
  • India: Technical Assistance: Aviation Safety Phase II
    Activity Number: 2016-31002A
    Activity Type: Technical Assistance Study
    Glenn P. Wicks
    The Wicks Group Consulting, LLC
    (202) 457-7790
    Founder and Managing Director
    Approval Date: 05/10/2016
  • Turkey: Istanbul Smarter City Initiative
    Activity Number: 2015-21008A
    Activity Type: Training
    Manuel F. Marino
    ASTRO Systems, Inc.
    Director, International consulting
    Approval Date: 04/27/2016
  • Brazil: Technical Assistance: Brazil Passenger Rail Real Time Video Monitoring Project
    Activity Number: 2015-51022A
    Activity Type: Technical Assistance Study
    Leonhard Korowajczuk
    CelPlan Technologies, Inc.
    Approval Date: 04/19/2016
  • Philippines: Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting Training
    Activity Number: 2013-31007A
    Activity Type: Training
    Mr. Jonathan Abramovic
    Oshkosh Airport Products, LLC
    +65 978 00739
    Business Development & Customer Support Manager
    Approval Date: 03/10/2016
  • Philippines: Feasibility Study: Meralco Power Distribution Modernization Pilot Project
    Activity Number: 2014-31005A
    Activity Type: Feasibility Study
    Mr. Ajit Kulkarni
    Nexant, Inc.
    (415) 369-1000
    Vice President, Grid Management Consulting
    Approval Date: 03/07/2016
  • Turkey: KCETAS Integration and Automated Demand Side Management Pilot Project Feasibility Study
    Activity Number: 2015-21011A
    Activity Type: Feasibility Study
    Mike Monacella
    OSISoft LLC
    (215) 606-0778
    Enterprise Program Manager
    Approval Date: 03/04/2016
  • Morocco: Feasibility Study: Hydrocarbon Storage, Blending and Distribution Terminal
    Activity Number: 2015-21013A
    Activity Type: Feasibility Study
    Mr. Matthew D. Meredith
    Lixia Capsia Gestionis LLC
    (650) 224-6819
    Managing Principal
    Approval Date: 02/26/2016
  • India: Technical Assistance: Smart City Infrastructure Project Plans for Visakhapatnam
    Activity Number: 2016-31003A
    Activity Type: Technical Assistance Study
    Mr. John K. Bachmann
    AECOM Technical Services, Inc.
    (703) 682-4900
    Associate Vice President
    Approval Date: 02/24/2016
  • Romania: Technical Assistance: Enterprise Architecture and Interoperability Framework
    Activity Number: 2015-21004A
    Activity Type: Technical Assistance Study
    Ms. Lynne Gallagher
    Telecom/Telematique, Inc.
    (202) 462-5966
    Approval Date: 02/18/2016