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Access Africa is a partnership between the U.S. Trade and Development Agency and U.S. industry leaders to support the development of quality Information and Communication Technology infrastructure across Sub-Saharan Africa.  Working with public and private sectors across the continent, Access Africa brings together critical stakeholders and designs targeted programming to advance inclusive, secure, and sustainable connectivity.

By partnering with USTDA through Access Africa, U.S. industry will have enhanced exposure to key stakeholders in the information and communication technology (ICT) sector in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA).   USTDA will work to align its programming to support the technical, regulatory, institutional, and procurement priorities of Access Africa partners, which will also benefit public and private sector entities in the region.  Partners will have the opportunity to directly contribute to USTDA’s Access Africa programming:

  • Access Africa partners will be invited to host or meet with relevant reverse trade mission delegations to showcase their technologies and equipment, participate in business briefings, or participate in an Access Africa partners roundtable with the delegation
  • Partners will be invited to advise on the content and attend relevant USTDA workshops and conferences in SSA. Partners will have the opportunity to support workshops and conferences by engaging with USTDA to provide training or other relevant programming
  • Partners are encouraged to submit project proposals to USTDA for funding consideration

Click here to learn more about USTDA's Access Africa initiative. To learn more about becoming an Access Africa partner, email AccessAfrica@ustda.gov.

Here is our list of Access Africa partners: