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2015 Annual Report Features 6 Success Stories

In FY 2015, USTDA continued to link U.S. companies to priority infrastructure projects. The Agency’s project preparation activities give its overseas partners the opportunity to identify U.S. technologies and services that can help them attract financing and develop sustainable infrastructure. This infrastructure — including clean energy, transportation and telecommunications — fosters economic growth and facilitates local, regional and global trade. USTDA’s activities also provide U.S. companies access to leading infrastructure project sponsors around the world. This allows U.S. companies to build partnerships with some of the world’s fastest-growing markets.

View the Full Report of USTDA’s 2015 results View the Full Report of USTDA’s 2015 results

The Report demonstrates how the Agency’s programs have advanced economic growth in emerging markets by bringing private sector solutions to development challenges. It includes stories that highlight USTDA’s success in: