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Please note: To contact a USTDA Staff member, please call our main office line at 703-875-4357 or submit your inquiry using our contact form.

USTDA Executives and Department Heads

Name Title
Thomas R. Hardy
Director (Acting)
Enoh T. Ebong
Deputy Director
Sarah Fandell
General Counsel
Peter C. Barrett
Chief of Staff
Todd Abrajano
Senior Advisor to the Director
Andrea Lupo
Director for Global Programs
Carl B. Kress
Regional Director, East Asia / Middle East, North Africa, Europe and Eurasia
Verinda Fike
Regional Director, South & Southeast Asia
Nathan Younge
Regional Director, Latin America and the Caribbean
Lida M. Fitts
Regional Director, Sub-Saharan Africa
Paul Marin
Director, Partnership and Innovation
Diana Harbison
Director, Office of Program Monitoring and Evaluation
Director, Office of Finance
Garth Hibbert
Chief, Office of Acquisition Management
Benjamin Bergersen
Chief Information Officer
Carolyn Hum
Administrative Officer, Office of Administration