Press Releases 2012
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December 2012
12.28.12 Nigerian Offshore Oil and Gas Industry Receives USTDA Support
12.20.12 USTDA Supports Balanced Trade with China
12.17.12 USTDA Promotes Electricity Distribution in Ghana With Two Grants
12.13.12 USTDA Promotes Geothermal Power Development in Indonesia
12.5.12 Ukraine Business Briefing to Provide Networking Opportunity for U.S. Power Sector Companies at POWER-GE
12.4.12 USTDA Director Kicks Off U.S.-Latin America Aviation Summit

November 2012
11.30.12 USTDA Grant Supports Smart Transportation Development in China
11.30.12 USTDA and U.S DOT Support the Development of China's Railways and Ports
11.28.12 Secretary Blank Announces New U.S.-Africa Clean Energy Development and Finance Center
11.13.12 USTDA Promotes ASEAN Connectivity Through Smart Grid Development

October 2012
10.9.12 USTDA Supports Efforts to Reduce Power Plant Emissions in Ukraine

September 2012
9.26.12 USTDA Grant Supports Clean Energy Distribution in Nigeria
9.10.12 USTDA Supporting Expanded ICT Infrastructure in Egypt
9.10.12 USTDA Partners with SAWACO to Improve Ho Chi Minh City's Water Supply
9.6.12 USTDA Supports Health Telecommunications in Romania

August 2012
8.16.12 USTDA Promotes Integrated Gas Production and Processing in Kazakhstan
8.15.12 USTDA Supports Ukraine's Efforts to Expand Gas Production
8.9.12 USTDA Supports Internet Connectivity Expansion in Khayelitsha and Mitchells Plain Townships in Cape Town, South Africa
8.7.12 USTDA Announces Aviation Initiative for South Africa in Conjunction with U.S.-South Africa Business Summit
8.6.12 USTDA Features Rail and Ports in August
8.2.12 USTDA Hosts Interagency Forum for International Affairs Interns
8.1.12 USTDA Provides Technical Assistance for a National Emergency Network in Chile

July 2012
7.25.12 USTDA Supports Airport Network Expansion and Modernization in Brazil
7.13.12 USTDA Supports Data Center Development in Egypt
7.3.12 USTDA Features East Asia and Eurasia in July
7.3.12 USTDA Reverse Trade Mission Assists Kenya in Airport Modernization Projects

June 2012
6.26.12 USTDA Supports Smart Grid Implementation Efforts in Mexico
6.26.12 USTDA Director Participates in Framework for Strategic Economic and Commercial Cooperation in Turkey
6.13.12 USTDA Director Participates in U.S.-India Strategic Dialogue

May 2012
5.31.12 Promoting Emergency Preparedness Cooperation with ASEAN
5.24.12 USTDA Supports Coal Emissions Reduction in China
5.17.12 USTDA Launches 'Making Global Local' Initiative
5.15.12 USTDA Supports Capacity Improvement for the Karachi-Lahore Railway
5.4.12 USTDA Celebrates World Trade Month

April 2012
4.26.12 USTDA Supports Programs to Strengthen Electricity Distribution in Jordan
4.24.12 USTDA Supports the Expansion of Colombia's River Port Infrastructure
4.19.12 USTDA Continues Its Support of Azerbaijan's Civil Aviation Safety and Security Oversight
4.18.12 USTDA Business Briefing for U.S. Companies to Highlight Opportunities in Turkey's Smart Grid Sector
4.16.12 USTDA Supports ASEAN Connectivity with First Focus on Regional Disaster Management and Mitigation
4.12.12 USTDA Reverse Trade Mission Supports South Africa Smart Grid Initiatives
4.9.12 USTDA Launches U.S-Brazil Aviation Partnership

March 2012
3.30.12 Regional Director Marin Testifies on USTDA's Role in Supporting Development in Nigeria
3.30.12 USTDA Funds Feasibility Study for Water Sector Infrastructure Modernization in Brazil
3.30.12 USTDA Supports Vessel Traffic Improvements at El Salvador's Port La Union
3.29.12 USTDA Grant Supports Aviation Infrastructure Improvements in Ghana
3.28.12 USTDA Provides Technical Assistance to Brazil to Enhance Aviation Infrastructure
3.27.12 USTDA Grant to Assist Romania with Aviation Surveillance Modernization Project
3.26.12 USTDA Grant Supports Recycling and Clean Energy in Ukraine
3.26.12 USTDA Awards Two Clean Energy Grants on Trade Mission to India
3.23.12 USTDA Director Zak Set to Speak During Breakfast Seminar at New Orleans World Trade Center
3.23.12 USTDA Study to Support Safety and Security at the Port of Casablanca
3.23.12 USTDA Supports Morocco's Renewable Energy Goals
3.22.12 USTDA Reaffirms Commitment to Bilateral Cooperation in the Development of China's Aviation Sector
3.21.12 USTDA Supports Water Efficiency Service Improvement in Northern Brazil

February 2012
2.28.12 Business Briefing Serves as Mutual Benefit for Turkey and U.S. Companies
2.17.12 Gas Utilization Business Briefing to Focus on Technical Solutions to Help Kazakhstan Meet Its Goal of Eliminating Gas Flaring

January 2012
1.3.12 U.S. Trade and Development Agency Releases Fiscal Year 2011 Annual Report