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Sino-U.S. Maritime Oil Spill and Emergency Response Management Seminar and Expo

Dates: June 4-6, 2013

Location: Qingdao, China

USTDA is hosting the Sino-U.S. Maritime Oil Spill and Emergency Response Management Seminar and Expo as part of its Standards and Conformity Assessment Program Phase II. USTDA is partnering with the U.S. Foreign Commercial Service, the U.S. Department of Transportation and the U.S. Coast Guard to arrange the event.

This seminar will convene national and provincial officials from China as well as U.S. maritime industry leaders for discussion on a broad range of maritime safety issues. The seminar comes at a key point in decision-making in China, as the Chinese government announced that it will spend over US$450 billion on maritime environmental protection and oil spill response in its 12th Five-Year Plan. As such, the seminar will feature representatives from the China Ministry of Transportation, China Maritime Safety Administration, and the Port of Qingdao along with other decision makers.

If you are interested in participating in the seminar and expo, please contact or

USTDA's Standards and Conformity Assessment Program provides U.S. and Chinese industry and government representatives a forum to: 1) collaborate on standards development and conformity assessment process and policies; 2) build relationships that will facilitate U.S. and China technical cooperation in the area of standards, technical regulations and conformity assessment procedure; and 3) keep both sides informed of the latest issues and best practices for standards and regulatory development.